Alison Graham Coaching

In your personal life or in business,  

whether starting out

 or stuck in a rut 

or embarking on a time of transition,

this is an offer of 

time, space and opportunity 

to think, to explore and to move forward.

Building on 38 years of management and leadership experience as a chartered certified accountant, senior manager, governance professional, trustee and non-executive director in the financial services sector and elsewhere,  I now provide executive and personal self-development coaching services, either in-person or on a remote, on-line basis.  

You might be at an unsettling transition point in your life.  Or, you are perhaps feeling a bit lost, or confused, or frustrated, or maybe just stuck in some area of your life or career - and not sure why.

On the other hand you might simply be wanting to more clearly identlify what you want next, or what is now really important to you or perhaps to review and re-assess your goals, ambitions and intentions. 

For example:- 

Personal coaching can help you unlock and apply your strengths in all areas of your life and make that positive progress that you want. 

I am a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and, as such, I am subject to and embrace their Code of Ethics in my practice.   I have recently achieved a micro-credential with the UK Open University: “Mentoring and Coaching in Professional Learning” (Pass with Merit) and I am currently studying and training towards the ICF's Accredited PG Certificate in Business and Personal Coaching with Barefoot Coaching .

I am keen to put my experiences over the years, and the approaches, studies, training and skills in personal self-development and executive coaching that I am continuously reviewing, challenging and developing, to good use.  

Contact me for further details or to set up a no-obligation complimentary coaching session.