Personal Self-Development


Executive Coaching

For personal or professional self-development and growth

let's find those

new perspectives

and additional, or alternative, options 

those 'aha' moments and next small steps 

to move you closer to who you now want to be 

How hungry are you feeling?

How frustrated?

How determined?

What really matters? 

Where do you want to reach? 

What impact do you want to have? 

What might be holding you back? 

What is working? What is not working? 

What are you naturally good at? 

What are you doing to improve things? 

What if things were different? 

What happens if you fail? 

What happens if you don't fail? 

What can you take control of? 

What small steps can you take today?

You might be at an unsettling transition point in your life.  

Or, you are perhaps feeling a bit lost, or confused, or frustrated or stuck in some area of your life or career - and maybe not sure why.

On the other hand you might simply be wanting to more clearly identify what you want next, or what is now really important to you.

Do you want to review and re-assess your goals, ambitions and intentions?

Do you want to re-invent yourself?

Are you about to step into an area of life you have not experienced before?  

Are you about to enter the world of work or are you mid-career or are you approaching retirement?  

Are you approaching a new personal or professional role? 

Are you trying to figure out what to do next or where now to put your energies and focus? 

Are you about to take a career break or to start exploring further education?

Are you looking for a new job?

Are you  developing an interest or some other form of commitment? 

Or, are you feeling like you are going nowhere, just round and round, and you want to go somewhere else?

Are you needing to think something through? 

Do you want to push yourself? 

Are you impatient for change?

Are you hungry to grow?  

Personal self-development coaching can help you unlock, grow and apply your strengths in all areas of your life and make the progress that you want towards realising all your positive potential now. 

In our sessions, my role as a coach will be to:

For your part, your responsibilities will be to: